Agent Orange-University of California, Riverside - May 7 – 9, (...)

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Agent Orange :
Landscape, Body, Image Conference and Art Exhibit
California Museum of Photography
University of California, Riverside
May 7 – 9, 2009

Thursday, May 7

Exhibit Opening Reception (6:30pm) and Keynote (7:00 pm)

Goro Nakamura 34-Year Investigation into Agent Orange

Friday, May 8

Panel (morning session) : LANDSCAPE

Phùng Tửu Bôi Việt Nam : War’s Lasting Legacy, From Research to

Ed Martini Bodies of Evidence : Agent Orange and the Global
Environmental Imaginary

Tine Gammeltoft Visual fields : The Ghostly Presence of Agent Orange in Medical Images in Vietnam

Erin Collins Bioavailability : Geographies of Dioxin Mobility through Soil, Landscapes, and Bodies

David Zierler Herbicides and Presidential Decision-Making : The Rise and Fall of Agent Orange, 1961-1975

Panel (afternoon session) : IMAGE

Đoàn Đức Minh Suffering and Smiles

Đỉnh Q. Lê Damaged Gene

Binh Danh The Orange Effect

Debra J. Kraus Fiat Lux (Let There Be Light) : An Artistic Dialogue about
Agent Orange

Tôn Nữ Thị Ninh Agent Orange : U.S. and Vietnamese Perceptions, Discourse, and Reality
Screening : A Story of the Corner in the Park 7:00 pm
[Chuyện Từ Một Góc Công Viên]

Discussion with Director Trần Văn Thủy

Saturday May 9

Panel (morning session) : BODY

Diane Fox Agent Orange as ‘Social Fact’ : Stories, Sciences, Laws,
Environments, and Human Health

Mike Boehm Hope Rises from the Ashes of My Lai

Charles R. Bailey Mobilizing Resources for Solutions

Leonard Tran Agent Orange : Perspectives from Vietnam America

Chun Kyung-soo Agent Orange : Perspectives from Korea

Roundtable and Conference Closing (early afternoon)

Organizers : Christina Schwenkel (cschwenk, David Biggs (david.biggs, Lan Duong (lan.duong

Sponsors : SEATRiP ; UC Pacific Rim Research Foundation ; Center for Ideas and Society ; Department of Media and Cultural Studies