Agent Orange campaign should start at home

Dernier ajout : 18 août 2009.

Today – the first Orange Day organized in Vietnam – is not only to be remembered by victims of Agent Orange but has been chosen to be the day of the country’s common pain.

The Vietnam War ended nearly 40 years ago, but for the millions of AO victims, it is still a reality.
Vietnam’s appeal to the US Courts was rejected but we cannot stop. We have to travel to the end, no matter how long it might be, to make clear the US chemical companies’ responsibility and the requirement for compensation.
However, along with that journey comes the responsibility of each and every Vietnamese to reach out a loving hand to their poorest fellows.
Many of them are living just next to us.
Those people suffer pains everyday that we cannot feel, and often forget about. But no pain is exclusive to the sufferer especially the horrors that torture millions of Vietnamese people nationwide, including the children that don’t know anything about the war besides the damage it has done to their body.
I believe that something positive has to come from the “orange” pain – it could be a chance for Vietnamese people to strengthen their solidarity.
A walk on Sunday in Ho Chi Minh City attracted 10,000 participants and generated more than VND4 billion (US$224,700) to help the AO victims.
More such activities will remind Vietnamese people of the pains of their fellows, who are still many.

The feeling of being touched will necessarily lead to action to assist. So, each Vietnamese person please do something practical to help the AO victims. Then, we will be performing acts of love and justice.

By Thanh Thao, 10 août 2009