Lettre de Len Aldis au Président élu Barack Obama

Dernier ajout : 11 décembre 2008.

To President Elect Barack Obama.

Dear President Elect Obama,

On January 20 2009 you will assume office as President of the United States. In this letter written December 2008, I address you as President as you will have the hopes and dreams of millions of people not only in the US but also beyond its shores.

Mr President, when you were just two years old, another American made a powerful speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial 28th August 1963, he was Martin Luther King, the opening words of his speech were "I have a dream that....", that speech Mr President reverberates around the world to this day, sadly Mr King did not live to see his dreams become reality.

With your election, it is to be hoped that the dreams of millions will be fulfilled. Let me share with you the dreams that I have that as president you can and in your first term of office make a reality. You are already committed to closing Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and to withdraw US forces from Iraq. Mr President, can I ask that you go one more step by closing down the US base in Cuba and lift the Embargo on Cuba. Will you also withdraw the US Forces from Afghanistan. By taking these steps you will end the suffering of the people and families of the US Forces.

In the Middle-East, my dream that you can fulfil, is to see the people of Palestine return to their rightful homeland, denied them for over 60 years. This will be a just solution to a festering sore that continues to spread like a cancer.

Finally Mr President, I turn to Vietnam and the use by the US of Agent Orange/Dioxin on South Vietnam. To use 80 million litres of the poison was a crime by any standard, a crime that has left a legacy that has travelled down into the third generation of Vietnamese that if not already, will soon go into the fourth. Justice Mr President, surely demands that in your first term as president, the tragic victims - and their families - will receive the compensation they so richly deserve.

For the many thousands who have died, justice has been denied. I urge you, do not wait for any U.S. Court ruling, the victims have waited, and suffered long enough.

Mr President, let me end with a quote from the speech of Martin Luther King :
"No, No, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream......".

The millions of Vietnamese - tragic victims of Monsanto’s and Dow’s Agent Orange - like Martin Luther King also "Have a dream that one day...............".

Yours sincerely

Len Aldis. Secretary
Britain-Vietnam Friendship Society
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